Epic cosplay by @yung.ricky #UnderWraps


I got my first Ghost Town shirt today. Yesssssss


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I went to warped tour in pomona ca this past summer and it was my first year going which I was stoked but they’re was lots of traffic so sadly I got in late and I missed ghost town perform which I was really bummed out because they are one of my favorite bands and I really was looking forward to see them, so later on that day i left my friends for a minute then on my way back to see my friends I couldn’t get to them because they were in a huge crowd watching a band perform so I was just waiting for the set to be over with and i was waiting by the bear tooth tent and then all of a sudden I see Kevin walking and I went up to him and asked for a picture and he was really cool and sweet it was very loud so anything that was said had to be said very loudly and we took the picture and then i was so excited that I met him because I’ve listened to ghost town since they first came out two years ago, I found them through Leda, meeting him meant so much to me and made up for missing ghost towns set  and this fall I am seeing them live with issues to make up for missing both of their sets on warped tour, I was bummed to miss issues but I had to choose between meeting you tubers or seeing issues live but over all meeting Kevin was such a crazy awesome experience and my first year of warped tour was amazing.

Band Member Monday 
I found this picture the other day and I thought it was really cool so here’s this picture of Kevin with Lou Miceli (from Palisades), Tyler Carter (from Issues), Taka (from One OK Rock), and Ty Acord (from Issues).

Kevin and Evan with their unicorn tattoos :)

A year ago today I got to see ghost town for free. 😎