My finished drawing :)

Regram from @bessiedacow Seriously go follow her if you love Ghost Town! She’s a super sweet girl and doesn’t bite!:3 #ghostown #bessiedacow #lovelygirl #amazingshow (at Penny Road  Pub)


alisterdippner ‘s art work Is fucking perfection

My “I’M A DISASTER” fanart for Ghost Town that is of course until Alister comes out with the real one👻,when you look at this picture and use your hand to cover a side of the image you see the meaning of it is appearing fine on the outside(the right side of her face)  but deep down inside you are a disaster(the left side)although this is an original piece by me Chelsea  Dagger, the same girl who did Dracula, alister dippner and ghost town were my ultimate inspiration👻#foreveraghost

Got to meet the coolest 🐮 in town tonight. @bessiedacow (and a creeper in the back.)

This picture of me is so cute. Bye.

So happy that I bought this today! Can’t wait to listen to it! #ghosttown #theafterparty #sohappy

So I didn’t want to post this until the 18th but I just can’t resist! Be cool, get your neck tattooed👻 Thank you soo much @ixdementia for this amazing piece❤️ @ghosttown @kevghost @itsalixmonster @mannythedrummer @evanpearce @imamachinist #foreveraghost #girlswithink #girlswithtattoos #ghostown #necktattoo #inlove #littleghosty  (at Dream Illustration Tattoos)