Sick Ghost Town tattoo of the dragon from the I’m A Disaster art 
source: universal_ghost (instagram)


Title: Voodoo
Artist: Ghost Town
Album: Party In The Graveyard
Year: 2013
Length: 4:01
Effect: 3D; the left ear sets in shortly before the right ear and is a tiny bit louder.

Listening with headphones recommended.

more of my edits


Okay so on instagram the caption for the original picture (see last post) was like “I think a haircut” and I saw someone comment to shave it all off and then I wondered what Evan would like bald and then I poorly photoshopped this together(ik it’s really bad but  I find it hilarious)
P.S. if Evan ever sees this I’m very sorry xD

Drew a sketch of the game freak girl in anime version, I might do all of them in anime version to get me to draw again 👻💀👻

Don’t forget to enter their contest!

Throwback to when I met them all ❤️ This was actually the first one they’d ever signed as it was the day after The After Party was released! I miss you guys:(

Fan art by iwanttoflyfaraway (instagram)

My drawing of Ghost Town’s “You’re so Creepy” girl

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